It provides the centralized evidence of all the documents
incoming and outgoing from the institution

It provides the automatic assignment of unique identification numbers,
and the document distribution to the responsible department/person.


  • Recording every release, keeping track of the modifications and monitoring the life cycle of documents;
  • Offering the possibility of defining specific work streams (documents route, persons that had contact with them, resolutions, solving terms, etc.);
  • Centralized storing and access through a web interface within the institution;
  • Real time sharing of information and improvement of communication between employees;
  • Definition of access rights or actions within the system according to the institution organigram and to the rights of every employee (permission, deletion, modification, etc.);
  • Automatic warning functionalities (e-mail) when assigning an activity or accepting a document solving term;
  • Possibility of defining number registers for each organisational structure of the institution;
  • Possibility of defining work registers according by document type (general register, decision register, etc.).