The main objective of this medical portal is to ensure that every citizen can easily and safely access his own medical records, so that any discharge summary, medical test report, medical letter, electronic prescription and other medical document resulting from a medical act can be accessed with just a couple of clicks.

Also, along with the easy access of any citizen to his personal medical records, the medical portal shall offer all the family physicians the possibility to easily and quickly access medical records of their own patients, as well the user-friendly – scheduling system within the Ambulatory Medical Care of each hospital enrolled in the project.


The possibility of an individual to access his personal medical records, medical investigation results or medical documents, such as: medical letter, discharge summary, etc., without any need of the patient to actually go to the hospital.

  • Visualization of personal medical records;
  • Of clinical investigation results;
  • Of medical prescriptions and medical leaves;
  • Of detailed inpatient care episodes;
  • Of future patient appointments, etc.
  • The possibility to upload additional medical information on the portal.


It authorizes family physicians or specialist doctors to access files of patients who granted them this right.

  • It improves the patient-doctor interaction through direct access of the latter to updated medical information;
  • It provides doctor-patient mutual information on patient health status, medical diagnoses, medical test results or the next steps of the medical care process;
  • Family physicians or specialist doctors shall be able to access, by portal authentication, specific medical information of the supervised patients;
  • Patients shall be able to grant or revoke access rights to their doctors by adding or excluding them from the list of doctors that have been granted access rights to medical files.


  • The online appointment feature allows patients to comfortably plan their doctor visits from home, without having to actually go to the healthcare unit;
  • Doctors shall be able to schedule their patients for specialized examinations;
  • The portal automatically uploads the already performed medical appointments and bookings to visualize in real time the availability of a doctor.