It ensures the management of all internal documents
of the organization/institution

Using an easy accessible and intuitive tree structure,
by which every person within the organization can quickly access
any necessary document as last approved
by the admin or quality management responsible.


  • Addition and fast access of E-documents in any format (.doc, .xls, .pdf, etc.), that are classified by directories and subdirectories;
  • The possibility of real time editing of any document, using a text editor (Word, Excel) with automatic saving directly on the server, of new versions and the identity of the person who operated the modification;
  • Recording of descriptive data (metadata) for each document/file and possibility of their quick retrieval;
  • Automatic document capture from various sources: integrated system applications, scanner, mail, fax;
  • Stocking of electronic document copies and direct visualization in the system;
  • Access control to documents/files for visualization and/or editing;
  • The possibility of recording the location archiving information (location, row, shelf, floor, etc.);
  • The possibility of sharing with other persons/departments from the organization.