Store management module

The Store Management Module performs a complete
real time management of the current stock of reagents and laboratory materials,
of all entries and demands.


  • The configuration area offers access to a set of nomenclatures defined as Items, Inventories, Manufacturers, Ranking Corresponding Accounts;
  • One can also register and generate specific entry and exist documents (NIR, transfer note, demand note, etc.);
  • Reporting Module – lays out a set of standard reports useful in the stock management. Stock Sheet – is an essential document when one has to deal with the stock management, as it allows product traceability from its entry to its exit from inventory. Demand Evaluation – offers a view of the consumption, both of items and planned expenditure. Consumption Report allows the visualization of the quantity and value consumption by various selectable criteria. Entry Report – offers centralized access to the product list registered by various selectable criteria (period, provider, product category, etc.). Stock Balance – Quantity & Value Report for each item following the principle “initial stock – turnover – final stock”;
  • It offers access to the current stock or to a certain date of the initial stock, and also inventory tracking.